The following page has no association, affiliation, or connection to Brian Boitano, White Canvas Productions, or any skating organiation. Neither does it claim to speak for ANY Brian Boitano fan, nor does it claim affilition to any Brian Boitano fan, or nonfan, or just about anyone but me.


Someone (who shall remain nameless) on rec.sports.skating.ice.figure made a comment comparing avid Brian Boitano fans to the Borg. Being an avid Brian Boitano fan myself, and not noticing that similarity to the Borg in myself, it got my warped little mind a'thinkin'. And here is the result. Scary, huh? Proof that some folks just shouldn't  be taught HTML. This page is in fun. It's not meant to harrass anyone, or offend anyone, just maybe provide some comic relief for some ice skating fans while we relax after the 98-99 skating season. So sit back, and enjoy.

We Are BoitanoFan. Resistance Is Futile.

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