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Welcome to my own personal tribute to Brian Boitano, my personal favorite male professional skater! I don't even begin to think I can equal the pages that Gail Turley & Kate Dungca have created, but I sure can lead other Brian fans to them. So sit back & enjoy!

For those who are convinced that fans of Brian Boitano share a borg-like mentality, You're right! And here's proof.....
The BoitanoFan Homeworld

Brian Boitano Pages

Wanna Dish?

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Well, if you like Brian, I'm SURE you'll want to discuss him! And here's the places to go on the net...

The Boitano Photo Gallery

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No, I don't have a bunch of Brian pics here. Are you kidding? I live in West Texas! (Ice? hahahahahaha) This is just a listing of pages with Brian pics. These are on various websites, to save you time from sorting through them all (like I did when I first got on the net!)


Past & present news articles on Brian, as I come across them.

Fan Clubs & Other Stuff

Want to join the Brian Boitano Fan Club? Or better yet, subscribe to his newsletter? Well, here's the info!
Brian Boitano Fan Club
101 First Street
Suite 370
Los Altos, CA 94022

for more information on the fan club, check out Gail's Brian page

From Digital City's Page, a little blurb about The Battle of the Brians.

What Would Brian Boitano Do?
(No, I haven't seen the movie, and don't intend to, but the song is kinda cute, so here it is. For those who also don't want to see the movie)

Brian for Sale

No, not him silly, but stuff that has to do with him....sheesh....;D

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